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Bring Your Story to Life

Using captivating non-fiction visuals I help brands, organizations, and individuals craft compelling stories.


Bread and butter? Please add honey too. Field production is where I thrive best. I've shot all kinds of styles and feel most comfortable with a camera in my hand. Whether you are creating a documentary, marketing video, or branding piece I can help you achieve that cinematic look.


Isn't it rewarding when you find the last piece of the puzzle? For me, that's editing. I've been editing professionally for almost a decade. Asset management, color grading, and audio mixing are part of my daily routine. I'd love to help your story come together with creative editing.

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Outdoor Production

Remote field production is my speciality. I've filmed in the rural villages of Botswana, the mountains of Costa Rica, and underwater in the Galapagos. When it comes to outdoor production it often takes more than just good video skills. I've snowboarded most of my life, hiked hundreds of miles, and spent a lot of time thinking about outdoor imagery. These hard and soft skills make me highly reliable in remote productions.


Documentaries no longer sit quietly collecting dust. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime - they've changed the way documentaries reach an audience. I have produced both short and long form documentaries, ranging from sports narratives to environmental conflict. Whether it's producing, shooting, or editing I love the documentary process, and can help you tell a powerful story.


Do you need to tell your company's' story in a compelling way? I've filmed everything from non-profits to breweries. My philosophy is that every organization has a unique visual way to tell their story. I'll work with you to create a video that feels right for your audience.



Your story is important and I can help you tell it in a way that reaches a wider audience. The process starts here. Shoot me a message!

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