Where are you located?

I'm located in Portland, OR, but can easily travel domestically or international for a project.

What cameras have you used?

Every project calls for a certain production value. That means knowing how to use a wide range of cinema cameras is important. I've shot on the C300, C100, Fs7, Fs5, RED, Blackmagic Ursa Mini, and a range of DSLRs. 

What's your rate?

I choose not to discuss my rates online, but shoot me a message and I'll definitely share those details.  Every project is different and I can help you develop an appropriate budget for the project needs.

Do you have a commercial drone license?

Yep. I'm very comfortable working with any DJI drone.

What do you edit on?

I primarily edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro. I also have several years of motion graphics experience working in After Effects. On the stills side I work mostly in Lightroom and Photoshop.

In what countries have you filmed?

Botswana, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Sweden.

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